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Toughened glass when silvered can lead to imperfections and distortions in the reflection – ruining the quality of the product. So how do you create a tough, long-lasting mirror that ensures safety if broken? 

A traditional way of making mirrors safe is to use an adhesive film to the back of the mirror, this is labour intensive and expensive. Spraylat International Ltd has listened to our customers’ needs for a fast applied, cost effective protective mirror film for the backing of mirrors – we are proud to introduce Protectaseal MirrorShield.

Protectaseal MirrorShield is a permanent safety backing for mirrors that is applied by roller coater, which can be integrated into the production line. The roller coater ensures an extremely accurate coat weight, with no air bubbles – allowing for the production line to continue without difficulties.  

Protectaseal Products - Mirrors

Protectaseal MirrorShield is a permanent liquid coating that is applied to the back of mirrors to prevent them breaking into sharp and dangerous pieces if the mirror is accidentally broken. The coating can be applied in-line and offers an alternative to protective tape that is often applied off-line as a secondary process. MirrorShield will save mirror manufacturers and processors TIME and MONEY.