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Nick Waring, a pupil from a local school came to Spraylat International Ltd to undertake work experience in chemistry. Nick was with us for a week and worked closely with our newly appointed Senior Development Chemist Lee Kennedy. Nick was able to carry out various studies and tests on live projects and help with ongoing product development and research tasks. I asked Lee for his thoughts on Nick’s time with us at Spraylat and he said;

“Nick was excellent during his time at Spraylat, highly enthusiastic and self-motivated. He conducted himself in a professional manner at all times. I wish him all the best in what I’m sure will be a successful scientific career”

Nick also had the opportunity whilst he was with us to take a closer look and gain some experience working in the other departments within Spraylat including sales, finance and marketing giving him a well rounded experience and a good idea of what to expect when he gains employment in industry. To read what Nick thought about his time at Spraylat click on the link below!
Work Experience at Spraylat for Budding Chemist