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Our Latest News

 The disastrous floods that  submerged large parts of both Serbia and Bosnia, with 14 cities declaring a state of emergency has affected tens of thousands of people. 

Spraylat International Ltd had the pleasure of meeting local Corby man Lazar Vukovic, who is raising awareness of the floods and appealing for donations. He discussed all the amazing donations that have been made such as clothing, bottled water, canned food, nappies and much more. The donations will be packed into a 24 tonne lorry and sent to Serbia on Wednesday 28th May. 

Spraylat International Ltd donated 26 brand new pallets in order to get all these donations safely from the UK to Serbia. Spraylat International Ltd would like to say a huge good luck to Lazar Vukovic with his fund raising and our thoughts are with the people in Serbia and Bosnia. 

Spraylat International Ltd. donate to Balkan flood appeal