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21 uses for Protectapeel - Use No.5 - Protecting surfaces on boats and yachts.

Decks, walkways and other vulnerable surfaces on boats and superyachts can easily get damaged during build, re-fit and even during transportation. Using Protectapeel on these surfaces prevents damage occurring.

Protectapeel is a liquid applied coating that dries to form a skin-tight film that protects against damage. Protectapeel is quick and easy to apply by spray gun or roller, once dry it provides a waterproof, tough and durable protective film that is used and trusted by; Fairline, Sunseeker and is suitable for use over Awlgrip paints.

It is suitable for use on GRP, Teak Decks, walkways, windows, portholes and other non-porous surfaces providing outstanding protection against damage, scratches, weathering and dirt for up to 12 months.

When required, Protectapeel is removed by hand peeling, revealing a clean, damage free surface underneath. The peeled coating can then be simply condensed into a small ball and disposed of in domestic waste.

Protectapeel is a water based product that’s environmentally friendly, making it the smart way to protect vulnerable surfaces from damage.  

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Protect Decks and Walkways on Boats and Yachts