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21 uses for Protectapeel - Use No.3 - Protecting Metal During Chemical Milling


Protectapeel’s unique range of liquid applied, maskant coatings are specifically designed for use during Chemical milling or etching. The Protectapeel coatings are available as

Water based
Solvent based
UV cure 

The coatings and are suitable for use on most metals including titanium and aluminium and can be applied by spray, roller or dip.

Once dry they form a peelable protective coating that provides complete protection from acids such as hydrochloric & hydroflouric, allowing detailed and specific areas to be chemically milled quickly and accurately. 

Our range of maskant coatings have been formulated to meet the following criteria;

• Excellent acid resistance
• Good adhesion properties
• Removed by hand peeling
• Easy to cut to shape by hand
• Liquid applied - spray, dip or roller
• Formulated & Manufactured in the UK
• No pull-back, acid creep or loss of adhesion at the cut edge

To find out more email or download the Chemical Milling Brochure here

Protect Metal During Chemical Milling