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21 uses for Protectapeel - Use No.2 - Marking Out Walkways or Loading Bays

Protectapeel Multisurface is a cost effective alternative to traditional floor paints for marking out designated walkways, loading bays and storage areas.

Mark out the loading area or walkway route with tape, then simply apply Protectapeel by roller or spray.  The coating can be colour matched to suit your requirements and is suitable for up to 24 months use internally.

If you need to change your designated walkway route or where your loading bays are situated, it’s simple with Protectapeel. Unlike traditional floor paints there is no need to use industrial cleaning chemicals and machinery to remove the marked out areas.

Protectapeel can be simply peeled away from the surface by hand, the used coating can even be returned to Spraylat International for recycling or disposed of in domestic waste.

For heavy duty floor protection from plant machinery, scaffolding, forklift trucks and high traffic areas use our Floordefend Top-Mat system.

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Mark Out Walkways and Loading Bays with Protectapeel