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We are celebrating 21 years of manufacturing high performance coatings here at Spraylat International Ltd. Andrew Keir, Managing Director of Spraylat International Ltd explains that technology has moved on during the last 21 years. 

 “When we started out manufacturing here in the United Kingdom in 1992 the technology used to produce peelable coatings was based around solvents, then we progressed to more environmentally smart water-based coatings and during the last year we have successfully introduced peelable coatings that can be cured or dried in a matter of seconds using ultra violet and hot-melt. 

This important development has really opened up the market for our products and makes our range attractive to manufacturing companies who have previously discounted our products as the drying time did not fit with their continuous process flow. Now we have a solution for almost everyone”  Says Keir. 

Look out for our first article in the "21 uses for Protectapeel" series; Protecting Windows and Glazing from Damage! 

21 Years of Advancing in Peelable Coating Technology