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It has been warned the start of 2017 will be a washout as heavy rain is due to sweep across the country, causing many issues for construction sites. One of the main being how to keep surfaces protected from rain and dust staining.

Traditional films tend to lose adhesion, especially subjected to heavy rainfall… leaving surfaces such as windows and frames exposed to the elements. Once the adhesion is lost rain seeps behind it, along with strong wind that also transfers site dust on to the window and frames causing the glass to become stained and dirty. Handover becomes delayed due to the need for additional cleaning, creating tension and contract disputes.

Cleaning down and removing the remains of material, dust and dirt after construction can be timely and expensive and calls for specialised cleaning equipment and products. The use of industrial cleaning products could also create scratching on the surface – which will form the need for replacements, delaying hand over more so.

Protectapeel Original and 1090 Top Coat work in conjunction together to create a guaranteed waterproof barrier. Simply applied by airless spray or roller, the Protectapeel Original coating is applied directly onto the surface, Protectapeel 1090 Top Coat is then easily applied on top of the Protectapeel Original coating. Once dry the Protectapeel products create a watertight barrier – protecting your surfaces externally for up to 12 months. When required the coating is simply hand peeled away showing clean and undamaged surfaces!

Unlike traditional protection methods Protectapeel is liquid applied, so time isn’t wasted by cutting it to size and applying it carefully to avoid air bubbles. You will also get more for your money as there are no offcuts and wastage with Protectapeel! 

The image shows traditional film losing adhesion, exposing the surface to the elements and construction site dust. 

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Protecting Your Surfaces From Rain Damage