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One common question amongst boat owners is how to winterize their boat during the cold months. A leading process is shrink wrapping, however this may not only be expensive but time consuming and dangerous as well.

Shrink wrap requires special, expensive tools, which is why owners generally ask for help from professional companies. A heat gun which runs at approximately 3,500 °C is the main cause of concern, without the help of professionals not only may the boat be scorched, but harm may come to the user as well.

Another issue with shrink wrapped boats is the moisture accumulation, which could damage the electrical, finishes and adhesives and can allow mold to grow and smell, which is one of the components in allowing rot to develop in wood.

However there is a need to winterize boats, the time and effort spent protecting the boat during the winter will have a definite effect on the boat’s performance come spring. Spraylat International Ltd have manufactured a quick, easy and safe way to winterize boats during the cold seasons - Protectapeel Deckstrip. Protectapeel Deckstrip is a temporary peelable protective coating designed to protect non-porous surfaces from damage caused by; abrasion, staining, spillage, weathering and scratching. Applied easily by airless spray gun or roller, Protectapeel Deckstrip dries to form a tough waterproof film that will protect surfaces such as; GRP, metals, stoved and cured paints for up to 12 months. When required, Protectapeel Deckstrip is simply removed by hand peeling - revealing a clean and undamaged boat ready for Spring!

Winterize Your Boat With Protectapeel Deckstrip!