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Protectapeel Hotpeel is a liquid applied, instant cure, protective coating, designed to protect glass during processing, drilling, cutting, edging, storage, transit and installation. 

Protectapeel Hotpeel starts as pellet form and is heated to 150°C, it is then applied by roller coater at manufacturing stage, ensuring an accurate coat weight. The roller coater moves the glass through the machine, and allows the option of coating either one or both sides of the glass. The coating will last for up to six months and when required, the coating is simply hand peeled away and condensed down into a small ball. A big advantage of Protectapeel Hotpeel to manufacturers is that the Hotpeel machine can be easily added to your glass manufacturing process.

Main Advantages of Protectapeel Hotpeel

  1. Protects surfaces from damage internally and externally for upto 6 months
  2. Cures in 3-5 seconds
  3. Accurate and consistent application suitable for in line production
  4. Reduced damage rates = reduced project delays
  5. Reduced cleaning costs

Why not watch Protectapeel Hotpeel in Action? 

Protectapeel Hotpeel - A Smart Way to Apply Glass Protection in a Factory Setting